Killing Gungor

Michael-Gungor The blood still stains the teeth of theologian yard dogs after they  encircled and mauled their victims the last few weeks.

They follow the headlines and the rumors and the scent of blood and without questioning, without hesitating, without knowing, they throw mercy to the wind like chaff and with a jolt grab the victim by the face and rip.

I hate the sound of ripping.

“Dove-Award Winning Gungor Rattles Christian World…” –Christian Post
“Creationist Ken Ham ‘Alarmed’ by Michael Gungor’s Latest ” –Charisma News
“Did This Artist Just Deny Christ’s Divinity?” –Charisma News

And they get away with it every time.

Here’s the problem; Gungor represents a tribe of *millions* of young people who ask questions and have doubts and are finding ways to rethink what it is to be a 21st century Christian. They want/love/worship Jesus, but honestly feel that fundamentalist dogma insults their God-given intelligence. And they have every right to believe that.

But we need these people.

The Church needs people who ask questions, challenge long held beliefs, and present new [read old] ideas. Luther was a gungor. Galileo was a gungor. John Wesley was a gungor. Heck, Calvin was even a gungor.

Here’s the bit; if we keep this up, if we keep letting the packs of theological yard dogs destroy our reformers…

1) A generation of artists, poets, thinkers, scientists, and dreamers will be lost

They don’t reject Christ, but they may reject certain orthodoxy. Are you threatened by that? Can you still disciple them? If no one else will be a pastor to artists, poets, scientists and dreamers, I will. The Kingdom of God needs them. We need them.

2) We will suffocate authentic community among believers

If we can’t articulate our doubts and questions without seeing a flash of teeth and fangs, then our community is only a shallow veneer. And without authentic community there can be no authentic transformation. We need the questions. We need the honesty. As a pastor, I endeavor to never be surprised with someone’s story and journey. I will meet you at whatever on-ramp you decide to take towards Christ.

It’s time to pick up sticks and defend our gungors.


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