Feel called to the ministry?

Ministry isn’t a position. It’s a posture.

Stop waiting for a title. Be a servant.

If you feel called, but don’t know exactly what you are supposed to do, DO EVERYTHING. Take every opportunity. Serve until your soul bleeds.

Minister to one person just as happily as you would minister to 10,000.

Stop looking at the people who have “made it.” If you pursue them, you’ll never “make it.” Stop idolizing people.

“Making it” isn’t having a mega church, increased influence, or being bestowed with a title. It’s dying on a cross.


Be grateful for small beginnings.

God uses imperfect humans to lead us. Who’s your leader? If you have no leader, you are going nowhere.

Serving and learning are the same thing. Want to learn from someone? Serve them.

Your God-given-gift is a joke if you don’t serve people. It’s a fistful of air.

The often quoted Proverb, “A man’s gift makes room for him,” is misquoted, taken out of context, wholly untrue, and unrelated to ministry.

“A man’s faithfulness makes room for him,” is, however, truth.


Churches don’t hire gifts. They hire faithful people.

You are not a gift to people. You HAVE a gift. It is a gift to steward and grow.

Ministry is pain. When you try to decrease your exposure to pain, your ministry will decrease. When you increase your capacity for pain, your ministry will increase.

There are days you won’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Do it anyways. Hone your gift.


You will have days when God will feel far away. Go get Him. It’s worth the trek. Hone your gift.

There are times when you want to yell at God. Yell away. Just remember that He whispers back.

Prayer is the #1 most effective thing you will do. Learn to pray and pray much.

Humble people learn. Prideful people fail. Learn to know when pride walks through your door. Kill it.

Servanthood is the death knell to pride.

“God will not give you more than you can handle,” is a misquoted Scripture taken out of context and is a lie. Of course you will have more than you can handle. Think Moses. Learn what to say no to and what to delegate.

The days you need God’s presence the most are the days when you will feel like avoiding His presence the most.


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