Advent Family Readings Week 1: Hope

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Sunday, December 1st Reading: Isaiah 40:1-5

How do you think the Israelites felt that aſter years of horrible suffering at the hands of foreign enemies God was going to bring them comfort, peace, and forgiveness of sins? Are there situations in your life where you are waiting in hope for God to rescue you?

Monday, December 2nd Reading: Isaiah 52:7-10

What made the people in this Scripture so happy that it caused them to sing for joy? Have you ever been so happy that you’ve sung for joy? This is why we sing praises when we come to church.

Tuesday, December 3rd Reading: Isaiah 40:9-11

Isaiah called Zion a “Herald of Good News.” Can you think of some newspaper headlines for this Good News?

Wednesday, December 4th Reading: Genesis 3:8-15 (also vs 16-24 with discretion)

When Adam and Eve sinned, we know that they were banned from the Garden of Eden and they were made so that they would eventually die. What else did they lose? How do you think God felt about this? What would Adam and Eve have hoped for? What would God have hoped for?

Thursday, December 5th Reading: Genesis 15:1-6

The word “righteousness” means someone is made right with God. There sins are forgiven. We see that with Abraham, God is beginning his plan to make people right–it is a plan He had all along. How do you think you fit into that plan?

Friday, December 6th Reading: Deuteronomy 18:15-19 (Acts 3:18-23)

God hinted about Jesus a lot throughout the Old Testament. Every hint helped grow the Israelites’ hope. Why were they so hopeful about Jesus?

Saturday, December 7th Reading: Psalm 89:1-4

God loved King David very much, so much so that He caused Jesus to be one of David’s great great great great great great great great grandsons. God rewards faithfulness. That’s something we can hope in.

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