Making an Adventure Out of Advent

adventI was tired of Christmas feeling like a drive-by shooting; a loud bang, then all of a sudden I feel really tired and have an overwhelming sense of having been robbed.

But there’s a different way, an ancient way, to make the moments of the holiday season more meaningful, more present.

Instead of just celebrating a baby born in a manger, we baptize ourselves into the awkward hope of mankind in waiting for a Wonderful Counselor. A Mighty God. An Everlasting Father. A Prince of Peace.

For four weeks leading up to Christmas day, we become captive Israel on the cusp of deliverance.

In Advent we find the whole story of a world in anxious and unsettled anticipation of redemption. On Christmas we find redemption.

It’s classic tension and release.

On our dining room table, we have very simple wreath with 5 candles stuck in it very precariously. 4 around the ring; 3 purple and 1 pink. And one white candle in the middle.

The wreath stands for the eternal faithfulness of our God. The 4 candles in the perimeter stand for the weekly themes; hope, preparation, joy, and love. The center candle is the Christ candle to be lit on Christmas Eve.

So as a family, every night starting December 1st, we gather around our dinner table and light the week’s candle. Then, we read a small portion of Scripture, discuss, and pray. 3 minutes.

And in doing so we find that Christmas walks in through the front door. It is welcomed into our home and sits down at the table with us as an invited guest. We spend time with it.

It’s not in a hurry.

We may miss a night or two or three and maybe not understand a Scripture here or there. But that’s ok.

Advent serves us. We don’t serve Advent.

It’s a journey. It’s an adventure. It is not about ritual or works. It’s about Christ, our soon coming King.

If you would like to celebrate Advent along with us at Saverton Community Church, download the weekly readings here. If you are in the Hannibal area, consider worshiping with us. Sunday School is at 9:00AM and Worship is at 10:00AM. We have ministry for all ages. For any more information, use the contact link above. God bless and Merry Christmas!

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