Great Expectations

The trees have budded and their leaves have unrolled. A new season has crept upon me in a slow surprise. It is like watching a fireworks display from a distance; seeing the explosion then counting the moments until the crack-a-boom thunders into my chest.

This past April, Saverton Community Church confirmed my calling to be a pastor. Not just a pastor, but their pastor. I’m overwhelmed with a sense of new-birth and excitement.

So pray for me. Pray for Saverton Community Church. Pray for our community of believers to grow in unity, in the knowledge of Christ, and in the power of the Spirit. Pray that as I walk into a new season it is in parallel formation with the church walking into her new season. A new season of life. A new season of joy. A new season of growth. A new season of nourishment. A new season of togetherness.

Here is my inaugural address to the church:

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